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About Us

Matthias has been creating websites for over twenty years.

Evi translates frequency into design matching the personality and source of the client. We specialize in web design for conscious entrepreneurs. You will connect with both or one of us regularly during the creative process.


My passion for media showed up early in life. As a child, I remember being fascinated by the story telling power of videography. My dad gave his 32mm SLR photo camera with different lenses when I was a young teenager. I experimented with many film roles, waited for the results and many times got disappointed with the result. Some of these roles and photographs I developed myself in the dark room at my high school. Only when I was in my twenties, I was able to buy a DV camcorder that recorded on tapes. One hour of material took also one hour to load to my computer. Much has changed.

I went to university to study Educational Science & Technology, since I wanted to combine working with people and media. The photo of a studio in their brochure convinced me. After my graduation, I found out I did not know who I was and got into personal development first. I combined it with a part time job in DTP, programming and traveling.


Then, the marketplace introduced itself. I did research & development at a professional training & coaching company and helped to organize inspiring leadership events. After a few years, I switched departments and helped set up the marketing office at the Teacher Training and the Media Management programs. After seven years at the university, I decided to travel around the world and quit my job.  


During my trip, I recorded short videos of inspiring people I met, mostly conscious entrepreneurs with different talents. When I came back, I was offered to come back to my job at the university. I couldn’t go back to trading my time for a mission that was connected to the system. I started to work as a designer and video maker for spiritual teachers until I was ready to spread my wings and start my own company.

Now, I support those beautiful people, those conscious entrepreneurs, some in heart, some in action. Besides creating websites and videos, I love showing people how to expand, live from their heart and go beyond shame, guilt and doubt. Sometimes, I even support them by playing piano intuitively and see their hearts open.


I always have been a gifted child. Seeing, feeling and knowing things others could not. It was very confusing having these gifts without understanding how to work with them properly. It brought me great experiences, healing and power. But also a lot of disembodiment and disillusion.

I have been working as a manager in the corporate business for 8 years. By then, it felt like I had to choose between my highly intuitive gifts and a career.

Although my career brought me 'fame' I didn't feel very famous inside and started, after leaving my partner 6 years ago, from scratch to build my dreams. There I was. A single mother of 2, jumping into the unknown.


Ever since my life has been a dedication to purify myself. And to learn how to use these gifts in a practical, embodied way. 

I knew everything was possible, but I also knew almost everything in my life had been (unconsciously) conditioned. There were many patterns so deeply rooted I was not aware of them at all.

In our website business I use my intuitive gifts to translate your vision in images and design. 

Besides that I am part of the core team of Dr Jacqueline Hobbs, where I am responsible for social media, marketing, expansion of her work worldwide and event coordination while managing the ground teams.


I give sessions for people in the purification space while they go through their process to support them on the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical layers.