Creating a Wordpress website with a visual builder (Divi or Elementor)

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

The great thing about Wordpress is, that you can create a website without high yearly costs (except for your hosting and domain). It takes a bit of time to know where to find the different elements and in the beginning you will find yourself going back and forth between the menus. Actually, once you know where to find it, it becomes easier.

The downside of Wordpress is, that you enter your content on the back-end, where it looks different than the final website. The editor where you enter your text and images is quite limited, even though Wordpress has updated their default editor to Gutenberg, which works with blocks.

Gutenberg block editor

There are other editors for Wordpress that are more visual and easier to use. Two of the most well known are Elementor and Divi. There are other builders out there, but many of them do not get rid of the bulky and user unfriendly way of editing in Wordpress. Both Elementor and Divi have a learning curve so it takes a little time before you feel fully comfortable editing with these builders.

Here is a small preview of Elementor:

And a preview of Divi:

I have used both builders, but have more experience with Divi.

Elementor has several subscription option per year ($49 for one website). Divi is more expensive ($89 per year) but they have a lifetime offer where you pay $249 once. Since they are updating so frequently, this is a very high value for money option. They often have 10% discounts and once or twice a year, 20%.

Divi has just released version 4 of their builder that is able to design headers, footers and create templates for every post type, including shops. Despite the already great features of Divi, these had not been available up to now. Divi also announced the Divi 4.0 iPad Pro giveaway between now and October 30. Without these new features, Elementor did have some benefits over Divi because of the ability to edit the headers and other parts of the theme (theme builder). However, the new Divi update will also add the theme builder ability.

If you want to create your own website with Divi, I offer a Wordpress installation with Divi for a low price, so you can start right away and do it yourself. Contact me for more details.

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