What do I have to do to be successful as a conscious entrepreneur?

Updated: May 29, 2020

What do I have to do to be successful? We often look for authority outside ourselves to answer this question.

There are many (marketing) strategies out there. Plenty of tips to go around. It is easy to think that you have to do something with all of them. That idea alone can drain your energy and enthusiasm, because they trigger the fear of missing out. The hope that something will make us successful, rich or beautiful makes you try, but often ends up in disappointment and online course subscriptions that have not been used.

You don’t have to follow the marketing strategies that are out there. Or do the Facebook ads thing. Or post on Instagram every day. You don’t have to will yourself into anything, that does not come from YOU.

Many guru’s receive their authority from their success. Even though many successful entrepreneurs aim to benefit others, if their method does not spark something that is deeper than excitement, you can let it go. You can come back to yourself, to your core where you know what really is good for you.

You can relax

Besides doing proper SEO and use common thinking, things will unfold naturally. Most clients relax when I say that. We tend to forget that when we read about marketing guru’s and other people of ‘authority’. There is something in their excitement that lifts us up for a while, but it is not US.

As a conscious entrepreneur, you are not here to start a business to offer the greatest product, the cheapest service or anything else that sells with words. You are not here to offer something that draws the public, even though your offer might attract many people.

What else can I do?

You can try a marketing technique or a method, feel how it feels and evaluate it. Getting a little personal support is great as well. Talking to someone who listens and feels and asks some good questions can really help you move forward. You can trust that the right person, the right ideas and the clarity will come to you. Everything perfectly in time. You are free. You are already successful!

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