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I have a passion for story telling through moving images and sound. It is such a beautiful medium. In the videos below you can get a taste for the atmosphere that you can create with videos with a message.


Video Showreel

Matthias Arentsen


Matthias' video showreel with a few fragments of his work.

Sounds of Oneness

Music Project

Marco talks about the vision, the energetic blue print and the intent behind the creative production of Sounds Of Oneness.


Many thanks to Matthias Arentsen and Evi Maes for producing this video and for their lovely and wonderful support to Sounds Of Oneness — Marco Missinato.


Auke de Vor

Video clip ‘Stranger’

One afternoon, we decided to make a video clip and brought our gear to the forrest. The music was recorded live at the forrest and mixed the same night. The circumstances were perfect and everything flowed. The video was ready the next day.


Andy Gillespie

Natural horse trainer


Portrait of Andy Gillespie, owner of Westray Farm, Te Anau on the South Island of New Zealand.

In a beautiful environment of mountains, lakes and horses, I created this video to show the beautiful relationship of Andy with his horses. 

See Andy’s Youtube channel for more videos.

Matthias Arentsen

Self-made travel portrait 

During my trip around the world, I found a piano and played a piece on my phone (hence the background noises). I added images of nature and myself and a voice over to record a memory. It is a great capture of the feeling of relaxedness flow.

To the ends of the earth

Piano play & Voice: Matthias Arentsen


Oracle Girl

Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs


Video for the Future Re-write purification track. This purification track re-sets your personal field from the previous year, going back through the last decade and beyond. It starts with a preliminary clean up of things troubling you in the present moment and more deep states of unease. Give yourself the gift of removing unwanted influences you may not even know about, embedded in your personal field. In the New Year we are actually finishing off the old year. It is a time of personal processing, contemplation and settling unfinished business. 

Jacqueline —

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