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Soon I will have my own place together with Evi in The Netherlands — For now we commute between Belgium and The Netherlands, working mostly online.




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These clients already showed themselves to the world.

You can do the same!

Conscious Web Design


Anna Verstreken

In contact with nature

Creating Anna's website took time. Time, because she was still transforming into a new version of her‘Self’. Occasionally, we paused for a moment, because we both felt that was exactly what was needed. 

We integrated the more feminine energy of the trip to Hawaï she made until we felt: This is it! 


Now, Anna's consultations flow nicely! She works together with a doctor and can share her gift with this world.


Landing page

Folkebevægelsen For Livet


People Movement for Life.


All decisions made should consider the impact on the next 7 generations. We want the environment, the long term welfare of all living organism, animals and the humans to be prioritized over financial interests. We believe that all decisions and actions in the world should be sustainable.


Frank Lorentzen

Dream interpreter

Frank has been a very well know dream interpreter for over thirty years in Denmark. He really loved creating his own website many years ago, which resulted in a lot of information spread over multiple pages. Now he was ready for a change.

We structured his current information while simplifying, upgrading and redesigning it. We also integrated a webshop.


Mary Magdalene Oils​

One drop is enough

Working on this website was a wonderful experience. It was not the translation of a person this time, but the frequency of a product. “I literally felt how the oils were ready to be spread all over the world”. 

They can be used in meditation, massage, healing sessions and much more. You only need a few drops! 


Evi Maes

You are a force of love

Personally, I loved the idea of a very simple and to the point website. Combining beauty with simplicity and clarity. Besides the work I am offering, I wanted this website to inspire others, in showing that less can be more.

In the current media landscape, you see so many websites with many distracting details and sales tricks. Let the images and text speak for itself, showing your inner beauty and power.


Karu Löwenkamp

Resonance Therapy


Resonance Therapy with the AN-Di Energetic Corrector is now available in the Netherlands, to support people that have been diagnosed with Lyme disease, MS, Parkinsons, ADHD, Cancer and autoimmune diseases. The therapy is also suitable for other fatigue syndromes, neurological illnesses and wound healing disorders.



Website recreation


I recreated the Wordpress website with the Divi builder, restructured the pages and made many improvements. Els is psychotherapist and career counselor in Belgium.


Voice of the Desert

Life changing journeys


Alain wanted a new website for his company Terra Luminosa. He already signed a contract with a designer, but every time he received a design, he felt more and more desperate. The design was beautiful, but totally not matching his energy.


As a friend, I proposed him to make a landing page as inspiration for his designer. When he saw the page, he was very happy. It didn’t take long for him to decide to transfer the project to us, which became Later, we created this website for his desert trips: Voice of the Desert.


Maibritt Kokholm

From Model to Mystic

Maibritt used to be an international high end model and went through several severe crashes in her life.


“Start over. Do the right thing. This time, I listened with all my BEING and surrendered. I had always known I am here to Be of Service. I always knew it should be in The Name of Beauty and transformation.”

We were able to capture her essence in this website.